Faithful Building

I wonder if construction workers who build churches feel any different about their work than people who build office buildings or homes.

Becoming an Ancestor

A woman was celebrating that her father had become an ancestor. That seems like a much better way to remember someone and honor their memory.

Yellow Cloud

I saw a car drive down a paved road with so much pollen on the asphalt that the resulting yellow cloud of dust looked like the car was driving on a dirt road.

Dishwasher Song

My new dishwasher was finally installed and it makes a pleasant chime when you open it. Not when you close it, not when you start it or even when the cycle is complete. I’m not sure why it is telling me that I’m opening it because I am clearly opening it. Maybe it’s a safety measure to tell me someone else is opening it. Maybe a toddler who wants to climb inside? Or it could be a happy marriage indicator that your spouse is loading the dishwasher?

Sales Pitch

Today the phone company wants to sell me a tv entertainment package. Today the phone company wants to sell me faster internet. They already provide me cell phone service. I received two nondescript letters with perforations on the sides that needed to be removed before opening. They had the same return address, but they were slightly different sizes. And each had a separate offer. Might consider the fiber, but not considering the tv package.

Really Big Remote

I got a new universal remote for the TV and DVD player from my mom’s condo. It’s large with big buttons. I did need a new remote for the rare times that I have to control the DVD player since the batteries corroded in my old remote. The really big remote makes me smile because it is so ridiculous.

Driving South

On evenings when everything aligns and you are driving south, you see the sunset set out the passenger side window and the full moon rising out the driver side window.

Emerging from the Shadows

The door is open and it is dark inside. The sunlight just barely penetrates the doorway, creating a bright square on the wooden floor. There is movement in the darkness. Something emerges, taking form as it enters the light. It is a cat.

Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is just like making changes to your life. You take something that has been with you for quite a while and you can spend a small amount of time, energy and money to make small—mostly cosmetic—changes. Everything looks better and makes you feel better on the surface. But you can dedicate major resources to make structural changes and come out truly different on the other side.

Spanish Armageddon

The word armageddon is not very different in Spanish than it is in English. Even though it has one less “d” and an accent over the “o,” it is pronounced like armageddon with a Spanish accent.