Iron Chef America Ingredients

Sometimes when cooking at home, I announce the ingredients. But I don’t do it with the style and flair of the host of Iron Chef America.

They are just a band

This music video from Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip for the song “Thou Shalt always Kill” struck me as being catchy and thoughtful. It is a guide to life in modern day England for the music hipster. I love the litany of bands at the 1:30 mark.

Movies with No Signal

This video is a compilation of movies, mostly from the horror genre, where people find themselves is perilous situations, only to discover they have not cell phone signal.

The Beatles 3000

Sometimes history adds perspective, and sometimes it adds Scottie Pippen.

We Got That B-Roll!

If you have ever edited a video and wanted to drop in some footage while the main speaker or narrator continues, that’s called b-roll. The name comes from film editing where your main footage is the A roll and you need to cut in some footage from a secondary roll, or the B roll. This shows that any business function can be pitched as an informercial, especially with tongue firmly placed in cheek.

(Thanks for Greg for tweeting this)

Weird Al Helps Explain Auto-Tune

Rocketboom continues their series of Know Your Meme with special guest Weird Al, explaining the tired musical trend using a software treatment called auto-tune, which corrects a singer’s pitch and makes them sound like a robot. From Wired.