Early Voting

It’s a beautiful Saturday in North Carolina and a good day to wait in line for early voting. The line actually runs past the point where volunteers can no longer solicit us. More than half of NC voters voted early in 2012 and it could be larger this year as people just want this crazy thing to be over.

Thinking About Twitter

I just want to get this on the record about Twitter before they release their earnings next week. Even though they seemed to have lost all of their potential buyers Twitter will not go away. It almost certainly will become less valuable from a stock or purchase perspective. It has already become less interesting from a content perspective. And it’s less effective as a marketing vehicle. But it will become more of a utility, or even a social media commodity that gets ported through different networks or systems. And may even get purchased by a large Asian telecom company. So don’t delete your account yet. It may be useful for something in the future.

Simplify your life

If you want to simplify your life, you should actually start with something very simple. For example there is so little difference between shampoo and body wash that I now purchase one product that does both things. This makes shopping easier and showering easier. Simple.

Are you coming home?

Last night when I arrived at the airport in Boston, the first thing my Uber driver asked me when I got in his car was “Are you coming home?” I simply responded, no. But my first thought was that he was taking me to a hotel. Not many people really live in hotels anymore, do they? Oh, and we got lost too, after the GPS directed us to the hotel loading dock. He was unable to find the front of the hotel without my help.

It’s Habit Forming

They say a habit is built after 30 days, and I don’t really know who they are. But this is day three of me recording my daily thoughts and it is already serving it’s purpose. I have so many simple thoughts that I want to capture that I had to create a separate place to start listing ideas.

This was meant to be a collection of observations, thoughts and a bit of a public journal and I seem to have achieved that after only a few days. Now the challenge is to put a bit of structure around it and decide how to formally present it. Stay tuned.

Drinking and Littering

The sunlight glinted off the green glass bottle on the side of the road. I’m not sure what my bigger question is here. Why was someone drinking in the car or why did they throw their bottle out of the window? In front of a cemetery?

New Daily Thought

This is a new daily thoughts feature that I’m doing on my blog. It’s longer than a tweet but shorter than a normal blog post. So much of what we share on social media channels are links, rather than thoughts. This is an attempt to change that and share some of my daily thoughts. I’m also usually creating these by voice to make it very easy to post them every day.