Travelogue Day 3

Drive: Wilmington to Kure Beach, NC (11 miles)
Total Miles: 642

We woke up to a cloudy and rainy day. The original plan was to go to the beach in the morning to get a extra day at the beach before we checked in the condo. We wound up swimming in the hotel pool, going shopping at Walmart and eating lunch at McDaniels Dairy. By the time we were done with all of the that, we could check in to our condo.

There was a light drizzle, so we were not planning going out to the beach. The kids went down to the water and put their feet in. Somehow, I managed to keep them for getting their clothes soaked.

That night Meg and I went on a Haunted Pub Tour of Wilmington. First we ate dinner at a German restaurant, where she had a wurst platter and I had veal schnitzel. Both were delicious. On the tour we went to four bars: Paddy’s Hollow, Orton’s Pool Hall/Longstreet’s, The Liquid Room and The Blue Post. We heard about a theory of Jack the Ripper in Wilmington, a hotel fire, mysterious happenings captured on video and a large bar proprietress named Gallus Meg.

The tour was led by a local actor named John. He did a great job telling the stories, but it seemed like the stories were more attached to the locations where the bars were, rather than the bars themselves.

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Travelogue Day 2

Drive: Asheville to Weaverville, NC (8 miles)
Total Miles: 238

We got up this morning in Asheville and went to the photographer’s studio (garage) in Weaverville to finish our hardware photo shoot. Today’s project was to shoot a studio shot of a craftsman working with a variety of tools, making hardware. This image will be used on the packaging, brochures, catalogs, web site and maybe even in ads. We need to show the connect of the product to the design and craftsmanship of artisans who have created the legacy of the company for over 100 years.

Drive: Weaverville to Chapel Hill, NC (230 miles)
Total Miles: 468

We left around lunchtime and had an uneventful drive home. Well, except for the rather large blind spot in our rented Jeep Liberty that almost caused me to merge into a Suburban. Luckily, there was enough room for the Suburban to move out of my way, while the driver was honking at me. I swerved a little bit moving back to my lane and everything was fine.

After dropping off the rental car, I picked up the kids from their last day of camp and we got ready to leave for the beach. Pizza for dinner, and some packing, before we headed off for the last trip of the day.

Meg drove in her car with the kids and I drove myself. We needed both cars since I would be leaving on Sunday. We were headed to hotel in Wilmington, so we would be at the beach in the morning.

Drive: Chapel Hill to Wilmington, NC (163 miles)
Total Miles: 631

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Travelogue Day 1

Over the next 10 days I will be taking 4 back-to-back trips. I will be writing about these trips with photos and links as available. I will also track my mileage along the way. 3 of these trips are cars trips, while the fourth is an airline trip.

I am going to Asheville, NC, Kure Beach, NC (twice) and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since I recently started a new job, I have limited vacation time. Meg and the kids are going to the beach for a week, while I am joining them on either end. In this same time period, I have 2 work related trips to Asheville and Grand Rapids.

There may be times that I am without an internet connection, so I will be writing this off-line and posing it when I get a chance.

Ride: Chapel Hill to Asheville, NC (230 miles)
Total Miles: 230

We left Chapel Hill around 6am to go to Asheville for a photo shoot. We needed to shoot several doors on high end homes in the area, some with new hardware, and some with existing hardware that will be Photoshopped out.

Things went well, and pretty uneventful. We got the shots we needed, but it was nearly 90 degrees. That’s pretty hot for the mountains.

We ate dinner at a trendy restaurant downtown called Table. I had seared tuna that was delicious. There menu changes daily, utilizing many local ingredients including heirloom tomatoes and apples.

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Trip to Wisconsin

I just got back from my first business trip in my new job. I went to a sales meeting (as part of the marketing team) in Rice Lake and Hayward, Wisconsin. I flew into Minneapolis and drove through a very rural part of Northwest Wisconsin. Several of the towns I drove through had populations of 500.

Since it was lunchtime and I was looking for something to eat, it seemed like a town needed a population of at least 2000 before it had anything resembling commerce (gas station, restaurant). I stopped at a Cheese Shop (there are many of these in Wisconsin) that was also an Italian Deli for a sandwich of Italian meats and cheese. I sat and ate my lunch outside and watched several red-winged blackbirds fly around the pond.

I made it to the meeting at the tail end of Tuesday’s presentations, but I was in time for the pontoon boat scavenger hunt. We had to find a lily pad, catch a fish, identify drinks at two of the lakeside bars, dance in a Conga line, as well as many other things. The boat I was on won by 10 points. We all got T-shirts at the restaurant we ate dinner at, the original Famous Dave’s BBQ.

The next day, we had more meetings, we drove back to the client’s facility and stopped off at Miller’s Cheese Shop for some 2 year aged Cheddar before heading back to Minneapolis. I flew out the next morning.

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Camping Trip to Hanging Rock

Peter and I just got back from a Cub Scout camping trip to Hanging Rock State Park. Here’s Peter on top of Hanging Rock.

Here’s Peter behind Window Falls.

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