A new job

After 3 months out of work, I started a new job today at a local ad agency. I have actually started on a 4-6 week contract to make sure that it is a good fit (in both directions), but I expect at the end of the contract I will be offered the job.

I am working as an account executive on a hardware account that includes a new consolidation of 5 separate brands. At the beginning, the focus of my assignment is internal project management, rather than client contact. Seems good so far, but it is a new mindset as I devise ways to keep many projects moving along at the same time.

The strangest part of this is that I have been very available for the past 3 months. I have managed to get myself overcommitted and not managed to get the things done I needed to do around the house (and in my life). Now, all of a sudden, I am not available at all, and I still have some things I have to do. I have a couple of consulting projects that I started, and I have to find some time to work on.


  1. Congratulations! Don’t fret about now being able to all the things you wanted to do while you were off work. Things will alway get added on anyways and you still have a long list. I’m glad that your were able to enjoy the time off you have doing some fun things.


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