Afternoon at the Water Park

Blake, Anna Grace, Grace, Peter

Today we finally had Peter’s birthday party. His birthday is in April, but trying to work out the logistics of busy kids, alternate weekends and friends’ schedules took some time. In the end two friends were able to join us for an afternoon at Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe waterpark in Greensboro. The two best parts of the day were renting a cabana so we had a place to sit and put our stuff, and a new slide called The Edge. This is like a skateboard half-pipe. You sit in an inner tube and go straight down one side and back up the other. You go back and forth a few times until you settle at the bottom. All the kids and I went on it. We apparently had the same terrified look as we started down the side, as we realized what a nearly straight down 40 foot drop felt like, and then grinned as we started to go back up.

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