Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop

While in Florida, my mom took us to the Bass Pro Shop because she thinks it’s a neat store. I don’t usually go to stores for the experience, especially if it is an experience that I am not interested in, like fishing or hunting. Anyway, if you have ever wondered what a store like this looks like, look at the photo. This is part of the fishing section.


  1. I went to the one in Myrtle Beach this summer. They had pink and white rods, with pink reels, for the ladies.

  2. You should go to a Cabela’s. It puts the Bass Pro Shop to shame. Seriously, they have a whole section full of taxidermied animals on display posed as if they are in the wild – It’s like a natural history museum!

    (My dad’s a fisherman. He would always make us stop at the Cabela’s in Pennsylvania on our drive to New York. It’s so big, they have shuttles taking people to the store from remote parking lots and hotels.)

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