Can I Just Make Toast?

I bought a new toaster, and I am very intrigued by the box. Since this $20 toaster is part of the “Inspire Collection,” there are inspirational words printed in the background on the box. They say, Inspired, Passion, Savory, Joy. Just to make sure they don’t leave out their Spanish-speaking customers, the other side of the box says, Inspiracion, Pasion, Sabor, Alegria.

I haven’t read the instruction manual yet, but I thought you put bread in and push the button down to make toast. I do not expect to be inspired by the bread or the toast. I do not approach sliced bread with passion, nor the toast that results from it. Bread and toast are not savory. And finally, while my toaster will probably toast Pop-Tarts for the kids more than anything else, and that will fill them with joy, regular whole wheat toast does not fill me with joy.

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