Digital Papercuts Has Moved

This post is primarily for my subscribers who view this blog in their feedreader. I have changed my blogging software to WordPress and that brings many changes. I would be happy to share my experiences with the blog move, and may do so in a future post.

You may see some duplicate content and old content in the feed, but that will clear up soon as I get everything up and running. The duplicate content results from pointing the same feed at a new site. Duplicate content is a small price to pay to keep my posts flowing toward your reader. Some of the older content may be posts that I published on other sites, and have now re-posted here for completeness.

And finally, I have changed the feed to summary mode rather than the full posts, so you can come to my site and give me some feedback on the new look. It is a work in progress that still needs some more tweaks, but I wanted to share ideas, videos and photos and couldn’t wait any longer. After a little while I may change the feed back to showing full posts. Please let me know your thoughts on that below.

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