Double Downtown Durham Dinners

Tonight I went to my second dinner at a downtown Durham restaurant in 3 days. We had a client in town and we went Piedmont. It is a big city type restaurant that focuses on local food with a menu that changes weekly. We shared two kinds of charcuterie, one made from chicken and one made from duck. The chicken one taste like very smooth chopped liver and reminded me of the 2nd Avenue Deli in New York. I had the bouillabaisse, which was delicious and very fresh. I did get some sauce on my shirt trying to remove the tail from a shrimp. It is my work shirt (with company name embroidered on it), so I may need to take it to the cleaners. The funny thing about Piedmont is it is the building that used to house a photo studio where a photographer I used to work with shot.

On Monday night I met a friend for dinner at Pop’s, a staple of the downtown Durham restaurant scene that I have never been to. I had a local greens salad and grilled salmon. It was a fresh and light meal that was very tasty. I also tried the mussels, which were delicious. We lingered at the table talking until the waitress started giving us dirty looks and they were stacking chairs on other tables. We were not the last to leave, though.

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