How much I miss Clinton

I supported Clinton when he was in office, but never quite was a FOB (Friend of Bill). There was always a little too much slickness, or calculatedness, turning on and off his Southern drawl depending on the situation.

This morning on NPR, he was interviewed about the potential changes Congress is debating regarding terrorist prisoners, torture and the Geneva convention. After hearing the interview, I had two thoughts: Clinton is a thoughtful, intelligent politician, and Bush is a total idiot.

Clinton’s main point was that there is no need to address broad sweeping changes to the Geneva convention for a small sub-set of possibilities, when those possibilities can be addressed on a case-by-case basis. For example, a known terrorist with known information can be coerced to get information, and permission to do it can be applied for afterwards. This seems completely logical to me. Plus no one will really question the process if it yields results.

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