Is Someone Shooting at Me?

Broken Window

Broken Window

I was driving back from Cary tonight on I-40, and all of a sudden my rear passenger side window imploded (or as I said on Twitter, exploded inward, which sounds more dramatic). It scared me because I had no idea what happened. There was no one in front of me at the time, but there was a van along side of me. My first thought, coming from my cinema-induced, over-active imagination was that someone in the van was shooting at me. I did my best to try to avoid driving near the van, but in my paranoid state, I lost track of it pretty quickly.

I drove straight to a hardware store to pick up plastic and duct tape to cover my gaping hole, as seen above. The plastic and duct tape are the first steps down the path of converting my 12 year car into a white trash mobile.

I never thought to call 911 or anything like that. I guess you would do that after the second shot. I have no idea what really happened. I can only assume it was a rock or some type of road debris, unless I find a bullet in the back seat when I clean out the glass.

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