My Favorite Color

I recently filled out an online profile and was asked my favorite color. Without hesitation, I put blue. With the exception of one brief period where I would have said green, my favorite color has always been blue.

Does this mean I am boring? Either by my choice of color, or even the fact that it has never changed. How did I avoid the years where blue expanded to include teal and cobalt and sea mist, or any of the other color names that are so far beyond those original 64 colors I grew up? Even the early web had 256. And I stuck with blue.

My favorite color has had very little relevance to my life lately. It’s not like I only have blue clothes. I don’t have a blue car. I did not buy a blue house. And the only room that is getting painted blue is for Grace, and that’s Carolina Blue (not my favorite color). So I am curious that when asked the question about my favorite color, I do not even pause before typing blue. I didn’t give it any thought, and I still don’t have a different answer. Blue is the only answer I could give, relevant or not.

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