My Valentine

Grace and I went to a Daddy-Daughter dance last week for Valentine’s Day. This is a tradition for us. We have been three out of the past four years. I was out of town last year, so she went with her Granddad. Anyway, every year we go on a date to this event, including dinner beforehand. Our tradition dictated that we ate at The Spotted Dog in Carrboro. I had chicken quesadillas and Grace had chicken fingers.

We arrived at the dance right on time. Several of her friends arrived soon after us. The first event of the evening was a craft project. This is a great way to give the girls something do while waiting for the others to arrive and get the party started. They made foam door decorations that hang over the doorknob. Next they all surrounded the food table. Cookies, candy, cupcakes all decorated for Valentine’s Day. There was even a plate of veggies for the dads.

Valentine Spread

And the night of dancing began. We danced our way through the hokey pokey, the electric slide, the macarena, a couple slow dances and even the limbo. At the end of the evening, each young lady got a rose. It was a wonderful evening with my valentine.


My Valentine

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