North Carolina Wine TV

I recently launched a new venture with one of my business partners, Kipp. We are tasting and reviewing wine from North Carolina on NorthCarolinaWine.TV. Our state has a growing wine industry, over 80 wineries, and neither of us had tasted much of it. We decided to create an online video show, with two episodes a week, to taste every wine produced in North Carolina. As we learn about North Carolina wine, so will our viewers.

Response has been great so far, after only two weeks and five episodes. We have gotten lots of comments, including one from one of the wineries who’s wine we tasted. We have been invited to a winery to do a show in front of a live audience. We have even been interviewed by a local Raleigh blog about the show.

If you like the show, and you want to learn about North Carolina, subscribe via RSS or email so you don’t miss an episode, follow us on Twitter for the latest info and fan us on Facebook for exclusive, behind-the-scenes content.

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