Peter’s Tournament Picks Day Two

Day Two was a rough one Peter, as well as many others who missed calling lots of upsets. Peter went 8-16 on this day, for a total of 21-32 for the opening round. None of these missed games have any effect on his bracket for beyond the second round, so he is still hanging in there. Not really sure what he was thinking about Kansas.

Games he missed:
He picked #5 Florida State who was beaten by #12 Wisconsin
He picked #8 Ohio State who was beaten by #9 Siena
He picked #5 Utah who was beaten by #12 Arizona
He picked #4 Wake Forest who was beaten by #13 Cleveland St
He picked #6 West Virginia who was beaten by #11 Dayton

Missed because he predicted upsets
He picked #11 Temple who was beaten by #6 Arizona State
He picked #14 North Dakota St who was beaten by #3 Kansas
He picked #11 Utah St who was beaten by #6 Marquette

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