Pizza on the Web

Tonight we ordered pizza for dinner. I don’t have a home phone and my cell reception is iffy, so I decided to order pizza on the web. I have never done this before, and I didn’t know how long it would take. I went to, created an account and ordered a pizza.

One of the first things you see is that you can pre-order a pizza up to 21 days in advance. Unless you are having a party, does anyone really decide to have pizza that far in advance. In our family, pizza is usually the thing we get when no one feels like cooking and nobody wants to go out.

All through the order, there is no sense how long it will take for the pizza to come. I was a little nervous because we were hungry. I didn’t know if it’s 30 minutes, an hour or two. I would hope that a pizza company that knows its business would build the infrastructure to process web orders quickly, but you never know. It was not until I clicked submit on the order that it said 30-40 minutes. It only took 25. I will definitely do that again.

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