Posting Frequency

Since I got my new job a few weeks ago, I have gone from posting nearly every day, and sometimes several times each day, to posting only a couple of times per week. Since I don’t spend as much time on the internet or my computer, I am less compelled to post. Getting the mail is also a less important part of my day.

I certainly have enough material between Peter and Grace to post every day, but I just don’t get to it. I could probably start a new blog called, “How Grace Fell Asleep Tonight” and post a picture every day. This blog could become as popular as the Chewbacca Blogs. Her she is asleep atop several stacks of pillows:

I think I am just to tired lately, and have been trying to go to sleep earlier to post so much. I may have finally reached a point in my life where I can’t stay up late every night and have it not affect me. I am also seriously addicted to caffiene again. I have what I would call 2 cups of coffee each day. The coffee maker probably calls it 5 “cups.” No yawning allowed.

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