Triangle Segway Tour

Triangle Segway Tour

This afternoon I joined @waynesutton, @dtraleigh and @kitch for a TriangleTweetup-organized event at the new Triangle Segway location in Raleigh’s City Market. We went on a Segway tour of downtown Raleigh, including the Capitol Building, Oakwood neighborhood and the Oakwood Cemetery.

We were all new to the Segway, but it is very simple to ride. Lean forward on your feet to move forward, and lean back to stop. Turn by turning the handle left or right. By the end of our two hour tour, we were all pretty worn out. It did not seem like exercise, but it was still wearing. And it was a perfect day for a downtown tour. I shot lots of photos and Twittered during the ride, proving that it is easy to ride a Segway one-handed. Click for a Flickr slide show of my photos.

Triangle Segway Tour
Wayne and Leo take a break from our Segway ride in the Memory House at Oakwood Cemetery


  1. Thanks for the pictures and blog post, we had an awesome time and I’m looking forward to the next segway meetup.

    You’re right, it didn’t seem like exercise but at the end of the tour I was tired.

    Abby why make fun? We have to get you and the flickr group to go on a segway flickr tour.

    Digital Papercuts you’re a great photographer too

    See you one twitter, @waynesutton

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