Up Goes the Basket

Now that Peter is finished with his 3rd season of PeeWee Rec League Basketball, and shooting at a 8 1/2 foot basket, we have raised our driveway basketball hoop to the standard 10 feet.

Before raising it to new heights, I needed to replace the hoop. Our old hoop had small plastic clips that held the net in place, and the were broken, lost, and somewhat no longer doing their job holding the net. Peter is a jumpshooter, and for him achieve complete pleasure from a sweet shot from downtown, the net must swish. Our net was only held on in two or three spots, so it didn’t swish at all.

I removed the old hoop, after buying a socket set to remove the fourth bolt and final bolt, put on the new one, and pushed the whole thing up to 10 feet. Peter started shooting at it immediately, and didn’t even pause. A shooter can shoot, no matter the height of the basket. It did not even slow him down.

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