Waiting for the Couch

Waiting for the Couch

We spent a good part of today waiting for our new couch. I bought it on Thursday for Saturday Delivery. The only window of delivery is between 7am and 10pm. The salesman told me that if it didn’t come first thing in the morning, I could call and find out where it is on the truck. I tried this with little success. The customer service rep told me it’s on the truck and there’s nothing more he could tell me. He said that any time he calls the dispatcher, that’s all he is told. So we wait.

We could not leave the house. They could not call when they were on the way. We had to make due with whatever we had at home. Eat whatever food we have. And play with whatever things we have. So we wait.

It showed up at 3:30. And we were so happy, we went out to dinner and to Lowe’s. After we finished watching the movie that was on.

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