Words that Pop into My Head

I walked into the house from the garage this morning and I thought of fiddler crabs. I had just gotten back from the store with eggs and jelly, so I have no idea why I thought of fiddler crabs. And, while the words fiddler crabs popped into my head, it was actually hermit crabs I was thinking of.

When I was a kid and we went to the beach in the summertime, it was always cool to find these strange little crabs that lived in other animals shells. Every one was unique because of the type of shell it scavenged. Nowadays, you can buy hermit crabs at T-shirt shops. I think they are one dollar. It really is not the same experience as chasing this little crab down the beach. This is not meant to be an “in my day” post, but there are too many experiences these days where the fun and the task have been removed and people, especially children, as just given the result.

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