Different in Real Life

At the beginning of lockdown last year we began shopping with Instacart. We tried several stores and settled on Wegman’s as the one that seemed to have the best prices and a pretty good selection. I knew that it was a store with lots of fans, but it was 30 minutes away in Cary, so I’d never been there.

A Wegman’s opened a month ago, about 5 minutes from my house. We went there today to pick up a few things—still don’t want to spend extended time in a grocery store—and we were shocked. It is so different in real life. The store is amazing. It is huge. Great selection, especially for vegetarians. The prices are low. It is impossible for a store with great merchandising to represent itself in an app where you just look at individual items. But you really don’t get a sense of the selection in the app.

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