While the word dishwalla has nothing to do with this post, I liked the sound of it as a title better than the things I don’t like about dishwashers. By the way, a dishwalla is a man who sells satellite dishes in India, so it really has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

My old dishwasher has carriers to put the silverware in. These carriers have handles that make it easy to carry all of the clean silverware to the silverware drawer at one time. Thoughtful. However, these carriers also have covers with slits that force you to put the silverware in handle first. Things would get cleaner if the business end of the fork were closer to the spinning jets of water. Plus, using the slots forces you to grab the silverware—now clean—by the parts that touch the food. Holding the handle is preferable and sanitary.

And finally, these covers are connected by tiny, molded plastic pins that easily break off. This makes it easier to throw away the covers and just put the utensils in the carriers the most appropriate way.

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