House Dreams

I had a dream that my house was for sale. It was not my actual house, but a different house. Some people who were interested in purchasing it had turned the heat way up to cause damage to the house and get a better price. Not only was the excessive heat causing the paint to peel, but the walls themselves were melting.

I went to see about the damage, but when I walked in, to a different house, that I thought was empty, there were people living there. There was a young boy watching tv very loudly. His mother was surprised to see me and would not leave when I asked her to. Some sort of yelling and chasing—slapstick style—ensued.

Update: I had another dream on another night about a different house that I expected to be empty and there were different squatters there. I got angry and yelled at them that they had no right to be there. No chasing ensued.

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