Missing the Library

My local public library has closed during this shelter at home time. I have plenty of books that I haven’t read, but the library is more than just getting books to read. In fact, I have a stack of library books sitting on my table that I got before the library. I’ve only read part of one book and haven’t picked up the others.

The library offers me promise of exploration. I check out way more books than I will ever read. Something looks interesting. New books come out that people are talking about. It’s easy to bring it home with optimism. But it’s not a big deal if I don’t read it. I just take it back.

I don’t buy books because I usually only read them once and there’s a chance that I will never read it. Or even worse, not like it. I can’t wait for the library to reopen, so I can check out books that I won’t read.

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