The Bathroom Floor is Always Wet

I never realized that shower curtains were a cultural thing, but I’ve not seen a single shower curtain since I’ve been in the Republic of Georgia. The guesthouses that we’ve stayed in have several kinds of showers. The first is a very small enclosure, often triangular, with a hand-held shower head. This enclosure has room for your feet. If you wore clown shoes in the shower – something that might be good for a laugh – you would not fit. There is no shower curtain to keep the water in, but there is often a drain in the middle of the floor, outside the enclosure. The second kind of shower has no enclosure. The hand-held shower head is attached to the wall – or in one case, the sink faucet – and there is a drain in the floor. You just shower in the middle of the bathroom. And the floor is always wet.

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