Books Never Written

Some familiar, some funny and some just plain bad.

Under the Grand Stands by Seymor Buts
To the Outhouse by Willie Maket, illustrated by Betty Wont
How to Survive a Bear Attack by Ben Eaton
Walking to School by Misty Bus
How to Check a Pulse by Izzy Dead
Where Have All the Animals Gone? by Darin Dabarn
The Yellow River by I.P. Daily
Over the Mountaintop by Hugo First
The Numbers Game by Cal Q. Later
Rusty Bed Springs by I.P. Freeley
Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover
The Joys of Drinking by Al Coholic
My Life with Igor by Frank N. Stein
Supporting Athletes by Jacques Strappe
I Was Prepared by Justin Case
Green Spots on the Wall by Picken and Flicken
Caulking Made Easy by Phil McKrevis
The Future of Robotics by Cy Borg and Anne Droid
What to Do if You’re in a Car Accident by Rhea Ender
Breathing Lessons by Hal E. Tosis
Why Should I Walk? by Iona Carr
Deep in Debt by Owen A. Lott
Taking Tests by B.A. Wiseman
Pie by Don Cherry
Computer Memory by Meg A. Byte
Gotta Go by C. U. Later
How to Serve Your Fellow Man by The Cannibals
The Membership List by Ross Terr
The Giant Clock Tower by ‘Big’ Ben
All About Flowers by Chris Anthymum
Boy Scout Brigade by Pat Troll
The Lost Scout by Werram Eye
Late for Work by Dr. Wages
Ten Years in the Bathtub by Rink Lee Prune
How to Eat Cereal by Poor A. Bowl
Smelly Stuff by Anita Bath
Technology in the 21st Century by Rob Ott
A Safe Hitchiker’s Guide by Ren Tacar
Things Women Can’t Do by B. A. Mann
The Art of Being Discreet by Anonymous
Bubbles in the Bath by Ivor Windybottom
Microsoft Business Practices by Eve Hill
Gotta Go Again by D. I. Aria
Interesting Places Around The World by Ben There & Don That
101 Ways To Die by Sue I. Cide
Household Book of Tools by M.C. Hammer
Paris Monuments by I. Phil Taurer
The Bearded Chinaman by Harry Chin
How to Exercise by Eileen and Ben Dover
Magical Bed Wettings by Peter Pants
101 Ways to Diet by I. M. Hungry
Getting Fired by Anita Job
Great Restaurants by Bo Leamick
Crossing a Man with a Duck by Willie Waddle
A Sailor’s Adventure by Ron A. Ground
Green Vegetables by Brock Ali
Raise Your Arms by Harry Pitt
Long Walk Home by Miss. D. Bus
Sitting on the Beach by Sandy Cheeks
Window Coverings by Kurt and Rod
Wheels in China by Rick Shaw
How To Dance by Sheik Yerbouti
Something Smells by I. Ben Pharting
I.Q. Competitions by Samar T. Pants
Depressing Jobs by Paul Bearer
The Skyline by Bill Ding
My Life as a Gas Station Attendant by Phil R. Awp

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