Palm updates Santa and makes him hip to the sounds of a cover of RUN DMC’s holiday classic. From Ad Age blog, Songs for Soap:

For an integrated campaign for the Palm Centro, Seattle-based agency Creature recruited Rondo Brothers, a Bay-area duo with as many remix credits as they have ad soundtrack credits, who provided a remixed Santa Claus with a suitably remixed soundtrack. Said track, “Claus Anthem,” features rapper Motion Man, who stays pretty close to the original lyrics while ad-libbing some of this own ambient memories into the mix. He doesn’t have the same joie de vivre, but who ever did?

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  1. That’s a lot of great info about the “Claus Anthem” song Jeff. Thanks for sharing.

    You can also find all of the Santa’s Gone Centro commercials up on YouTube.

    All the music from this campaign is on the Claus Facebook Page.

    Another cool thing that Palm is doing is providing a sweepstakes. You can text Claus your holiday wish list and be entered into a drawing where you can win what you text.

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