Happy Days Meets Barack

Here’s some music news from the blog Anyone’s Guess. Pearl Jam has re-tooled the first rock song, and Happy Days theme, Rock Around the Clock to support Barack Obama. Here’s a quote from guitarist Stone Gossard, but no matter what he says, this sounds more like a morning radio parody than a musical statement from a serious artist:

(“Rock Around The Clock”) is a track I’ve been thinking about for a while. “Rock Around The Clock” was the first mainstream rock and roll hit in 1955 and it had a transforming effect on American music. At that time, rock and rhythm and blues music was traditionally only played on black radio. I am, by no means, an expert on the history of rock & roll, but this was a big deal. The rhythm of rock music and its energy were so overwhelming that traditional barriers of race and culture broke down with an enormous crash. So here’s to new energy, rock and the breaking down of cultural barriers: “Barack Around The Clock!”

Click here to listen

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