Pre-Wilco Show

Photo by Abby

On Friday night I saw Wilco in Cary. It was the first time I had seen them in about 3 years. Kind of feels a bit like cold turkey, but lots has gone on in my life since then, so I haven’t really been missing them. The show was great, as usual, and even though I went to the show alone, I saw lots of people that I knew. Some new friends (pictured above with Ayse and David) and even ran into Chad, one of my old friends from the Wilco travel days. His wife said she knew just where I used to live from the time we drove to a show in Charlotte and took her car. My address was programmed into the GPS.

We were comparing smartphones just before the phone and I said hold up your phone. I was the only geek who did. Otherwise, another nice photo by Abby.

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