RIP Brother Bo Diddley of Himself

Today guitarist Bo Diddley passed away. He was one of the greats who straddled some many eras, his songs were covered by so many people, at times it seems that he was even covering himself.

I saw him perform live a couple of times in Raleigh in the late 1980s. Once he played at the Brewery backed up by the Woods. He performed as the elder statesman, and gave Terry, Jack and David a lesson in patience and taught them that sometimes less is more. The second time he played with Ron Wood of the Stones at the Long Branch. This was a crazy show. The most memorable thing about it the two of them calling each other out, over and over. “Brother Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones,” shouted Bo. “Brother Bo Diddley of himself,” slurred Ron. Musically, not as good as the first show, but it was definitely entertaining.

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