The Pressure Boys

Last night I went to Cat’s Cradle to see the Pressure Boys. This was an 80s band from Chapel Hill that was big when I was in school. I never did see them, but I remember their final show that closed down the original (actually number 2 or 3) Cat’s Cradle.

The original band members were all graduates of Chapel Hill High, and the show last night was a 20 year band reunion. The show was a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. The lead singer’s young daughter has this disease. And the show actually turned out to a CHHS Class of 1982 Reunion, as people who hadn’t been to the Cradle in years came out to support this good cause.

The show was a lot of fun as the P-Boys, as they are known, revived their horn-based brand of NC ska/funk. People in their 40s should not slam dance, but some in the crowd could not help themselves. I bought a CD and a t-shirt to further support CF. All money from tickets, t-shirts and CDs were donated. Not proceeds, but all.

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