Wilco Album Soundtrack to VW Campaign

from vw.com:

Volkswagen’s latest TV campaign is breaking new ground with the utilization of Chicago rock band Wilco’s new album Sky Blue Sky. In an advertising first, VW will use a number of songs in multiple spots from the band’s new release. This is the first time anyone has ever used one album as a soundtrack for an entire TV campaign. The first commercial features the Wilco song “The Thanks I Get” (an outtake from Sky Blue Sky available on wilcoworld.net or via iTunes). Additional commercials will air throughout the summer using different songs from the band’s new album.

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  1. My brother and dad recently saw Wilco at Oven’s Auditorium in Charlotte, and Jeff Tweedy actually addressed the general feeling people are having that Wilco “sold out” by selling their songs to VW.

    He said that since their music will never be played on mainstream radio, TV was the only way for mass exposure.

    I think it’s cool.

    (and btw, my word verication for this comment was “peewi”. weird.)

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