Where to Put Your URL

I have always been a proponent of putting your URL, or web address, on everything that appears before your customers and potential customers. With enough repetition, your customers will learn your URL. This is not so important with the prevalence of Google and the use of search engines. Rather than typing a URL they know, many people go straight to Google, type in the company name, and click on the link. With this behavior becoming commonplace, the inclusion of a web address is less about the address itself, but part of a company’s branding and a reminder that they have a web site (even though everyone has a web site).

But I am now wondering if there is such a thing as going too far with a URL. Is a tattoo going too far? Not for the right audience. What about a billboard? Five years ago, it was a questionable tactic, especially if it was hard to remember, but now with smart phones, people can actually surf over to the site from their cars. But I wonder why my shower head has an 800 number and a web address printed on the front of it. Phones in the bathroom are not that unusual, but computers in the bathroom? You can get a waterproof radio, but do you really want to get a waterproof touch screen for the shower wall? And why would I want to go to the web site of an off brand shower head installed by the builder of my house, anyway?

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