I usually put my earbuds in when Deborah is on the phone. Partly it’s to give her privacy and partly to reduce the noise that I’m hearing. But when she’s on a call talking about her journalism work, I can only smile when her voice gets louder. I can her passion without having to hear the words.

Dirt Lots

On the backside of my neighborhood is a gravel road. One side is completely built out and the other side has been woods. They have cleared two lots to build on. We’re curious what kind of houses they will be, because it’s hard to imagine making enough from a house similar to others in the neighborhood. Home prices are up, but so are materials. We’ll keep watching.

Another Dog

We’ve been dog sitting for a friend’s dog and it was great taking care of a well-trained dog. It helped that she mostly laid on the couch and slept. When she did want to go out in the yard she fit through the pet door and could go as she pleased.

Yard Puddle

When you build up one part of the yard, it creates low parts of the yard where the water pools in puddles during heavy rain. We installed a drain so this water runs off.

Slow that Roll

Someone was in such a hurry to get their pizza home that they dropped it in the parking lot and ran over it before they even realized that the box wasn’t in the car.

Intense Brie

I don’t normally think of brie as a cheese with a strong flavor. Not sure what to expect when the cheese is described as intense.

Over-designed Instructions

My microwave meal leads off its cooking instructions with a picture of a microwave and a big colorful “5 mins.” I put the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes. I overnuked my food because someone thought it made sense to highlight the total time required, because it should only cook for 4 minutes and it rests for 1 minute. The 5 was clear and the 4 was buried in text. I don’t think I’m unusual in cooking it for 5 minutes.

Dreamy Ham

I had a dream where I was driving over the Virginia border and all cars on the highway had to stop and decide if they wanted buy some baked ham.

TV Guide

How is TV Guide still a viable publication? We got a subscription form in the mail and the letter overhypes the Fall Show Preview edition as the most important issue of the year.

Pickle Juice

They now sell mini-squirt bottles of pickle juice as a refreshing exercise treat. They’re available in a three-pack.