Gathering Flies

Flies gathered in the car at the beach and just wouldn’t leave when we opened the window. They either died in the car or finally left hundreds of miles from home.

Circling Vultures

Vultures were circling over a chicken processing plant. Either they know something about the plant that the operators don’t know, or they know where the garbage is located.

Wild Horses

The wild horses at Assateague State Park strolled through our campsite at sunset, delaying our dinner. They also surrounded our tent at sunrise, preventing me from leaving the tent.

Inside a Restaurant

It was strange to be back inside a restaurant, sitting down eating like it was no big deal, as if we hadn’t avoided restaurants for the past 14 months. It has been so long that I really don’t remember the last restaurant we ate in.

We stopped at a farm-to-table restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia on our way north. It felt different for someone to serve us food and not take it home. These are positive steps that get some things back to normal.

Now I Know

I have always wondered how the outdoor game cornhole got its name. We left our new set outside overnight and the squirrels chewed into one of the bags. I discovered, as did the squirrels, that it is filled with dried corn kernels.

Friends for Dinner

What a pleasure it is to have friends for dinner. We still ate outside, because we have enhanced our outdoor spaces, but it was nice not to have to worry about social distancing or separate serving plates. We even hugged them goodbye.

To Mask or Not to Mask

Some stores have relaxed their mask policies to allow fully vaccinated people to shed their face coverings. Most people in these stores are still wearing their masks. Other stores have indicated that there’s no way to know who is vaccinated, so masks are still required.

Game Changer #3

Black out curtains will let us sleep even though there’s a street light outside our bedroom window.

Game Changer #2

The gauge added on to the propane tank valve will prevent us from running out of gas for the grill when we have company.

Dreamy Canal

I dreamed that I swimming in a canal at night. There were usually no boats and no waves, but a boat came by and generated a big enough series of waves that I had to get out of the water and climb the rocks on the side. I was on the phone while all of this was happening. The boat was streamlined and was wrapped in metal sheeting like and 1930s art deco steam engine.