What About Couches?

As I was filling in some back posts, I joked that if I ran out of ideas I could just write about whatever is in front of me. The couch. The rug. The door. But it starts to sound a little like Andy Rooney.

20 Years

We’ve experienced a lot of security theater aimed at the wrong threats.

Em Dash

I just had to learn that you have to twister your hands and play the hardest chord you can imagine on your keyboard to type symbols on a Chromebook. Control-Shift-U-2014-Space Bar. Then I learned that you do it in a sequence, not at the same time. The first three put the keyboard in a symbol mode. The numbers indicate what symbol. And the space bar resolves it.

New Technology

After having trouble with the blog — which may be related to my work laptop and some setting that causes pages to time out — I have updated my blogging to a Chromebook. Seemed like a cheap enough computer for just some basic utilities — blogging, printing — so we’ll see how it goes.

Audio on the Run

I used to listen to Green Day while running. Now I listen to audiobooks.

Not Like it Sounds

How come the word SUPERCILIOUS doesn’t mean really silly, in fact super silly, but it means arrogant or behaving as if one is better than others.

Like it Sounds

The word ONOMATOPOEIA describes words that sound like what they describe. Animal sounds are the best example. When you listen carefully to these sounds, you realize that the word is just an approximation. That’s why these sounds are described with different words in other languages. How do you say onomatopoeia in French, by the way?

The Black Bird

It’s not just the feathers that are black, but it’s beak and feet, too. The jet black eyes are so dark that they don’t even reflect light. They capture it like a black hole.

Piling on Charges

If someone is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, discharging a firearm in the city limits, resist, delay or obstruct, no operator’s license, hit and run, careless and reckless driving and no insurance, is it really necessary to add on going armed to terror of the public?