Branding and Social Media from Will It Blend

As part of a work project, we interviewed George Wright, VP of Marketing, and Kels Goodman, Video Producer, of Blendtec. They are the creators of the popular YouTube videos series, Will It Blend?, which has generated over 200 million views. They spoke about the inspiration for the series, the goals behind the campaign, the keys to social media, and how it relates to B2B marketing and corporate culture. They even gave a shout out to Koroberi.

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  1. If you are engaging in social media you are in fact branding your self, so Yes, they do mix. This is especially true when you use video because of it’s bonding powers. Plus there is no shortage of venues to distribute your videos. Sites like Adwido make it easy for video marketers to get their videos viewed and virally shared.

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