Branding Me and My Blog

As I gather more web associations, I am trying to standardize them so they all point back to this blog. This is called branding. Anything I do on the web, I do as Digital Papercuts. Someday, that may mean something. Any new accounts I start are called digitalpapercuts, unless there is a character limit, in which case I use dgtlpapercuts. I am also starting to use a standard picture for my profile.

I just changed my Flickr profile, which was surprisingly easy. Years ago, I created a Flickr account with the lame name of Phasinatin’ Photos. Since I have never really linked to my Flickr account anywhere, it is an easy change. I post re-sized pictures for my blog and I paste the image location properties into an image tag. This is an old school HTML way to add photos to a blog, but I have more control over it. I don’t care for the limited layouts available in Blogger Photos, even though I usually just put them at the top.

Now that I have a new camera (see later post that I haven’t written yet), I may start using my Flickr account differently. Can you say Pro account?

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