Fail Post

@waynesutton with a fail sign
I was on a Skype call with @waynesutton tonight and we started talking about Fail, a common social media term when something doesn’t quick go right. The best example is the Twitter Fail Whale. When the popular social network goes down, a graphic appears on screen showing a whale carried by birds. Anyway, I suggested to Wayne that he hold up his Fail sign.

Why does he have a Fail sign? He does a video podcast with Kipp Bodnar called Talk Social News, and Wayne holds up various signs throughout the show. I suggested that they get sponsors for their signs, but no one has bitten yet. If you want to sponsor the Fail sign, or any other sign on the Talk Social News podcast, send an email to Do I get a kickback if they sell a sponsorship based on this post? We will certainly talk about it.


  1. Well, the fail sign will be a hard one to get a sponsor for. I thought about how I’d want my company’s logo on the sign and realised I would not want the logo associated with the word! Maybe I could buy sponsorship for the fail sign and put a competitors logo on it! I would be glad to cough up some cash to put, say ‘Oracle’ on the fail sign! 🙂

  2. Wayne and I had the same conversation. Even though there are other signs available, including Win, I like your idea of paying for your competitor’s sponsorship of the Fail sign.

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