Guest Star on Episode of Freezerburns

I have followed the web review show Freezerburns for a while, and was excited when Greg asked me to be a guest on the show. Well, I actually asked him if I could be guest on the show, but he did finally agree. Since it was to be part of guest review week, I’m thinking he had this idea in his head already. He reviews frozen food in a video format, and has been doing it since last fall. Here’s my interview with him if you want some background on the show.

Part of the fun of the guest review was that I picked the item to review and kept it secret from him. The show begins with the reveal of the product and we launch into his review. It was a blast to do, which I think you can see from the on-camera laughter. Thanks again to Greg for asking me to participate. Subscribe to Freezerburns and follow Greg and the show on Twitter to keep up with the Frozen Food Master.

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