Happy Birthday to Me and My Blog

Carolina Beach, Day 3

I have been greeted with birthday phone calls and emails from family and friends, and even birthday wishes from “the team at Facebook,” but the best was being serenaded by my kids. First, Grace sang “Happy Birthday to You,” with the age counter included (Are you 1, are you 2, etc.) She almost didn’t count because she was afraid it would take too long. She did manage to get through it, though. Peter followed with rousing rendition of the “You look like a monkey” version. I loved both versions and it’s been great to spend a vacation with the kids at the beach, especially on my birthday.

It is also the third anniversary of my blog. Since I started on my birthday, it is easy to remember the occasion and mark it with a post. Lately I have been posting more kid pictures than anything else, but I blog for me and that’s what makes me happy.

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