hesketh.com is Hiring

Raleigh-based strategic web shop, hesketh.com, is hiring an online strategist and a blog post with an embedded video seems like a much better way to apply for this type of job, rather than a boring cover letter and resume. Don’t worry, Mom, I sent them an email with a resume. too.

Here are some links to things I mentioned:

Triangle Tweetup Recent community building event with 250 attendees.
Raleigh Twestival Local version of worldwide event to raise money and awareness of global clean water initiatives. We raised nearly $2300.
Triangle Social Media Club Helped revive local chapter to share social media knowledge with community.
North Carolina Wine TV Online video show reviewing North Carolina wine, creating awareness of North Carolina wine industry and building online brand.

And if you want to see the formal job stuff, here’s my LinkedIn Profile. Contact me via email, phone or your preferred social network.

UPDATE (7/8/09): I had a phone interview today, and I though it went pretty well. We’ll see if I have a follow-up interview.


  1. I love the idea. I think you should have probably worn a dress shirt and done the video somewhere other than the white background though!

    1. Thanks for the comments, Jeff. While I agree that it would have been nice to shoot the video somewhere else for added interest, I don’t agree about the dress shirt. Social media is about who you are, and a dress shirt is not me. I don’t want someone to hire me based on what I wear. There is a certain amount of respect that is accorded by a dress shirt, but I would rather be considered based on what I know and how I think.

  2. I did have an interview last week, which I thought went well, but they told me that they were going in a different direction. And yes, I did wear a tie to the interview, and it was mentioned.

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