Not Necessarily a Gratuitous Post

My general blogging goal is that by the end of each month, I will have averaged one blog post per day in the month. And I have met that goal each month since November. I was close in September and October, but really didn’t set that goal until December. Generally this means that I post what I want throughout the month, and I have a flurry of posts at the end of the month to meet this goal. Unless I post a bunch today, and I really don’t have the time to do that, I will not meet this goal. I have gotten close, but I am going out of town today (for the coming week), and will not have the access to post.

In looking at my posts over the past month, my topics have been on the down side of life: torn-down buildings, broken arms and zombies. Since most of those are things I have taken pictures of, rather than events in my life, I am not worried about it.

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