Post Relevancy

I was recently reading the Wikipedia notability requirements for inclusion, because I want to add a listing for my client, plus I had recently heard a story about an author who’s listing was removed because he wasn’t notable enough, and I thought about the notability requirements for my blog.

Generally if I find something on NPR, Slate or some random site, and it interests me, I would include it here. If something is on the front page of Google News or CNN, like the YouTube link to the Hillary 1984 video, there is no reason for me to blog it here. I blog as much for my own benefits, rather than generating links on any of the social media listings. I don’t actually use any of those anyway, although I have listed this blog on Technorati and I finally have my first link, giving me a rank of 1,873,219.

This flurry of blogging is happening from a coffee house with free internet, while Grace is at a birthday party.

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