Social Media in NYC Hotel

On a recent trip to NYC, I chatted with Brian Simpson about the Roger Smith Hotel’s involvement in the New York social media community.

Brian Simpson is one of the people who engages with friends of the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City using social media. He was a great host to me when I stayed at the hotel, and now rather than suffering the anxiety of finding a hotel the next time I travel to New York, I know that I have a place to stay. Follow Brian on twitter at @bsimi and the hotel @RogerSmithHotel. And if you need a place to stay in NYC, hit them up and ask for the blogger rate.


  1. What a fascinating interview. I love that while talking about their use of social media, he emphasized that their first priority isalways hospitality. Of course he would say that, a cynic might say, but you can tell by the way he talks about his job, the hotel and guests that he really is the perfect host — taking care of everyone’s needs, creating community, making connections. Social media is such a great fit for hotels and restaurants — I wish it had been around when I was a restaurant manager. Like Brian, we relied on great food/service and word of mouth marketing — the original social marketing I guess. His “circle of friends” are now his evangelists. Guess where I’ll be staying the next time I go to NYC?

    1. Deirdre
      Thanks for your comment. I too was impressed with Brian’s approach to social media and his sincere belief that it does help the hotel connect with its guests, or as he calls them, friends. I also like his understanding that by hosting social media events he can gain tremendous insights into new ways to grow his business for the cost of food and space. This idea can help community event planners looking for space.

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