Triangle Tweetup Triathlon

TriangleTweetup Fun Park

Friday night I joined several local tweeps (Twitter users) at Frankie’s Fun Park for a night of fun. Early arrival James went off to play mini-golf and Ice Ball, so was not a triathlon participate. The plan evolved over the evening as Wayne, Kipp, Marshall and I traveled from one attraction to another. Since this was a new media outing, there were plenty of pictures, plus live streaming video, the whole evening.

TriangleTweetup Fun Park
We started with LaserTag. The blue team, with me, Wayne and Kipp, won, while Marshall was on the losing green team.

TriangleTweetup Fun Park
Next up was GoKarts. The final standings were Wayne, me, Kipp and Marshall. Here’s Wayne’s video of the whole race.

Photo by Wayne
And finally, we played some Air Hockey. Wayne and I beat Kipp and Marshall.

TriangleTweetup Fun Park
Just for good measure, Wayne played a Nascar game and came in first.

We all had a blast and the night ended with trash talking and demands for re-matches. Here’s a link to the rest of my photos.

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