What I Have Learned Drinking Wine

My friend Ilina writes a blog called Dirt and Noise, where she publishes a regular Friday feature about a 5:00 cocktail. She recently asked for guest contributors, and I volunteered. I wrote about a wine that we tasted on NorthCarolinaWine.TV, but it was more about what I have learned by drinking wine.

Today’s 5:00 Fridays post is not about a cocktail you can make at home, but about a kind of wine. Actually, it is less about a particular bottle of wine, than about what I have learned drinking wine. And how good is life if you can learn things by drinking wine? I do a wine show on the internet (see shameless plug below), which should make me qualified to write a guest post about wine. As it turns out, I am a co-host on a wine show, and I am the one who is learning about tasting and describing wine in our show about North Carolina wine. One of the best wines we have tried in nearly 50 episodes (one bottle per show) is from Raffaldini Vineyards in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley. This is our concentrated wine region with over 20 wineries and the first of North Carolina’s American Viticultural Areas (AVA).

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