Remote Snow Day

Today I am still in Nashville and there has been a threat of snow overnight. I was not looking forward to getting snowed in in a motel, but all I could do was wait. Every few hours I kept getting up to look out the window, but there was no snow on the ground. There wasn’t even a flake.

Back home in Chapel Hill, the same snow that was supposed to fall in Nashville overnight was predicted to fall during the morning hours. Schools were cancelled last night. I kept going back and forth between Raleigh area news websites and those in Nashville, so I could keep up the weather at home and the weather where I was.

A 5:30 this morning, my phone rang. It was the automated recording from the schools district telling me that my kids did not have to go to school. Not only did I already know that, but I was out of town, so I did not get to spend the day sledding with the kids.

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