Travel Madness

I just finished a travel crazy week and a half. All business travel. Why does this seem to happen every August?

Wednesday 7/25
Drive to Charlotte, NC (Trip: 144 miles, Cumulative: 144 miles)

Thursday 7/26
Location Photoshoot

Friday 7/27
Location Photoshoot
Drive Home (Trip: 144, Cumulative: 288)

Monday 7/30
Drive to Lynchburg, VA (Trip: 125, Cumulative: 413)
Press Check
Drive Home (Trip: 125, Cumulative: 538)

Tuesday 7/31
Fly to Nashville (Trip: 516, Cumulative: 1054)
Celebrate birthday at dinner with clients

Wednesday 8/1
Client Meeting
Fly Home (Trip: 516, Cumulative: 1570)
Drive to Charlotte, NC (Trip: 144, Cumulative: 1714)

Thursday 8/2
Location Photoshoot
Drive Home (Trip: 144, Cumulative: 1858)

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