What to Do?

I just got home after being away for 2 nights and 2 days without my laptop. I had originally planned to be gone for 1 night (a late flight) and 1 day at an offsite client strategy session, so I decided not to bring my computer. What a mistake. I spent 2 days and nights staring at a Blackberry screen.

It is such a difference looking at a full screen again and I don’t know where to start. I have seen all my email come in (150 work, 50 personal), but I still have to answer some and still have to read through all this email again. I have kept up with Twitter about as well as I do on workdays. I have to read my newsfeeds (or mark them read). And I need look at other networking sites. And post things to my blog. And post photos to Flickr. It is exhausting just to think about.

I also need to do some work tonight, so I think most of this needs to go on hold until tomorrow. Note to self: always bring your laptop when you travel. If it is too heavy, buy a lighter one.

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